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Sepioid: A many-tentacled creature with a knack for changing colors and textures. Or, an enthusiastic and highly skilled, woman-led business for all your creative surface needs.

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Jana Liptak

Jana Liptak is a Brooklyn-based muralist and scenic painter with over 10 years experience in theater and movie production, large-scale outdoor and indoor installation pieces, and specialty sign and residential painting.  In an industry where women are woefully underrepresented, Jana's (almost) all-female crew is capable of handling jobs of any size, from a 5-foot sign to a 10,000+ square foot installation.  Jana has built a strong reputation in the arts and creative community for her professionalism, diverse skill set, and problem solving abilities.

Jana has a lifelong passion and innate talent for manipulating materials and acquiring new skills and techniques. She received an MFA from the University of Edinburgh in 2008, and has been a proud member United Scenic Artists Local 829 since 2011, when she completed a 3 year scenic artist apprenticeship (Jana's IMBD credits).

In addition to the exciting projects she produces as founder of Sepioid, Jana also has a robust fine art practice (